Liturgy Commission Report

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Attending:  L. Keim, C. Dusek, M. James, C. McElwee, D. Weathers, M. Wishnesky,T. Jungquist, K. Vine, Fr. Tony, J.Krejcik

The meeting began with a reflection and sharing of the Gospel for Holy Thursday liturgy,John 13:1-15.

Minutes from March meeting accepted.

Mary Wishnesky was welcomed. Discussion:

Holy Thursday: Shared some recollections of last year’s evalution/comments.  It was agreed that three chairs would be placed in front of the altar with Fr. Tony washing the feet of the first three people; this would be followed by their washing the feet of the next three with two more rotations until 12 members would be ministered to.  Details/logistics will be developed by K. Vine and T. Jungquist.

Group invited to participate would be a cross section of parish membership (age, gender,…); Call to Worship might be offered by a member of the music ministry; gift and oil bearers will also be named. C. Dusek will bake bread. Good Friday: Fr. Jim will preside; additional lectors needed.

Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil:  Joe Wegryznowski will prepare fire for 9:30 PM service; liturgical ministers still needed (Noted: ask for ushers for all Triduum services).  Reception following liturgy is being coordinated by M. James.Noon Stations will be done by youth members.

Palm Sunday: Peter Toomey will do audio/visuals at all Masses.

Tenebrae: 7PM on Monday, April 18 at St. John Cantius (W. 11 and Professor); schola members from several parishes.  Easter Sunday: sprinkling rite at all Masses; ministers already scheduled; “Miracle” choir will be invited to supplement; coffee hours after 9:30 and 11:00; a prayer/Easter blessing card with the St. Malachi Risen Jesus image will be printed and given to all as part of the hospitality and joyful expression of the feast! Other business:  Budget will be presented as reviewed at the March meeting;

June 7 is Pentecost Fest;  Fr. Joe Fortuna at St. Malachi on May 18 to talk about the “poetry” of liturgical words and some reflection on the coming Missal changes.  Potluck dinner at 6:00 PM prior to his presentation.  Details will be worked out by Spiritual Development Commission.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 10 at 6:00 PM in the Rectory.