St. Malachi Parish, Sunday Homily, April 26, 2015, Fr. Anthony Schuerger, 10:30 AM Mass

We are pleased to share this homily, which was preached by Fr. Tony Schuerger at the 10:30AM Mass on Sunday, April 26, 2015, which was the 4th Sunday of Easter.

To listen to the homily, first click here to access the MP3 audio file, then click on the play button. (The play button is shaped like a triangle.

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Annual Meeting will present Organizational Task Force, 4/26/2015

On Sunday April 26, 2015 the Annual Parish Meeting will be held. PSR Class is 9-10:3 AM. There will be one Mass that day at 10:30AM and the annual meeting follows. Parish Council enthusiastically encourages all to participate.

The focus of Parish Council this year has been strategic planning. In order to help prepare for the meeting, each week leading up to the meeting we will present a little about each task force in our bulletin and on our website (

This week, it is the Organizational Structure Task Force. The objective is to develop greater clarity, effectiveness and accountability in our parish organization structure—role, responsibilities, awareness of “what’s going on” and “who’s doing what.”

The goal is to recommend updates for the parish organizational chart and develop/support methods to make information available to all parish members. Additional goals are to identify opportunities and recommendations for improvement in the membership and volunteer processes that emphasize welcoming, sharing of information and accountability.

Objectives completed include surveys of parish ministries/commissions/affiliates regarding current status and challenges. A parish staff retreat day is being planned to focus on current duties, strengths, and challenges.

JudyS2We are open to your suggestions as well. How do you envision the best St. Malachi parish Organization? If you have a suggestion email the chairperson, Judy Slivka, mail them to St. Malachi Church in care of Organizational Structure Parish Council Task Force, or bring them with you to the meeting on Sunday April 26.